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Oct 25, 2016
@hazstrong @redline11 @FloRolf I posted this in the YU2 drop but thought it'd paste it here to explain our shipping policies:
"The main reason we don't offer international shipping is because we can't provide very good support outside of North America. Our only service center / warehouse is in Canada so if anything goes wrong with your speakers you'd have to ship them back to us and we'd have to ship your replacements. The shipping costs on your end and our end are high and it's just not something we're comfortable putting our customers through. Some of you may have thought about this potential cost and are willing to take that risk but not everyone is going to be so understanding when they're faced with shipping costs that are half the price of the item they purchased. We're a fairly small company at the moment and as we get larger we'll be able to be able to ship our products to more countries but for the moment we're limited in what we can do. I know it's not the answer you may have wanted but I hope you guys are understanding of the situation."
Oct 25, 2016
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