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Jun 29, 2021
Got this on Amazon for $100 but 2 day shipping, gave it about a week to test and figure out my switch preferences then returned it ;) really glad I did, there’s so many different switches, you really get to feel out what you like and also compare similar switches from different companies. The only negatives were I did not like the feel of the caps on the testers, it’s nice having the switch info right on top of it but maybe figure out your favorites and pop them into a board or at least some decent caps on them to really test the feel. Ultimately I went with none of these switches! I had also grabbed the Zeal PC tester on Amazon and fell in love with their switches, ended up going with the Sakurios 62g for linear alphas and Zilent v2 62g for tactile mods.
Jun 29, 2021
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