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Sep 12, 2015
Reporting in with a minor QA issue. I ended up with two enter keys, one where it should be and one where left shift belongs. It's a minor issue since I'll be replacing the keycaps ASAP, but it's slightly annoying.
The white PBT keycaps are pretty thin and have some sinking around the injection ports. They sound pretty rattly and hollow. They printing is also pretty rough, and the font is damn ugly. The overall build quality feels a little a little shoddy, but my only comparison is a filco majestouch which is built like a tank. I'm very satisfied for the price we paid. Upgrades will be new keycaps, aluminum case, and possibly o-rings, in that order.
I'm still working on a technical problem with flashing new firmware, but the web tool is pretty straight forwards. Info can be found here:
Sep 12, 2015
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