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Aug 31, 2018
Yeah, the Yukon seems to be marketed to youth, but fit-wise it is fully capable of being an adult pack. I am about 6‘ and am not even close to the frame length adjustment limits When adjusted correctly for me.
The stock bag on the Yukon is fine for short to moderate length trips where I do not need a bear cannister. I also have a bigger bag from a (long discontinued) Kelty Sierra Crest that fits the frame. I bought it separately from a guy who just wanted the frame and had no need for the bag. So, it takes a few minutes to switch it out, but it is not a big deal and will take a bear can, as I suspect your Trekker will.
As to bringing the pack in the tent, I am a hammock camper now, so it is not an issue for me anyway. Sometimes, if it is not too pitchy, I hang it from a tree with something like this This works great. If it is raining, I put it under my tarp under my hammock on a ground sheet. I live in Western Oregon, so this is not uncommon for me to do that.
As I push 60, I am strongly coming to the conclusion that aligned posture is where it's at for comfort and reducing injury, and even burning less energy. Though there are others, Aaarn packs leads the charge of balancing the load with significant weight carried in the front. I have not tried one of their packs, but just got a pair of their Universal Balance Bags, which work with other packs to get some weight up front. I have messed with makeshift ghetto versions of this idea and have high hopes for these bags with my Yukon and other externals I have.
Most of my friends are closed-minded to trying an external, even when I offer to loan, and even give, them one of mine. IMHO, they don’t know what they are missing!
Aug 31, 2018
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