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Nov 10, 2019
bad stuff first. the action on mine is very stiff and rough. the detent is so stiff i can't get it to open using the thumb disc at all. i can use my middle finger on the disc to deploy it, but the edge of the disc is sharp and it gouges my fingernail a bit every time i do it. the side of the blade rubs the handle audibly when opening and closing. the only way i can open this knife reliably without waving it out of my pocket or slowly breaking my fingernails is to treat it like a front flipper, and apply a LOT of wrist at the same time. even then i slip occasionally, and when that happens, the wide sharp grooves on the blade tang have an uncomfortable cheese grater effect on my thumb. i took mine apart to try to fix the blade rubbing issue, but the only way i could get the blade centered in the handle was to tighten the pivot so that the knife won't open or close at all even 2-handed, so it just rubs. i dialed in the pivot tension to where it's the least off center i can get it, while still being able to open it with the middle finger flick. i noticed the washers were plastic, so i also experimented with swapping in some bronze washers of identical thickness. it didn't seem to make a difference, and neither did different pivot lubricants. despite these issues, the knife can be waved out of the pockets of most of my pants as advertised, it's extremely ergonomic in the hand when in use, and it came sharp. the blade grind is very thick, but it cuts fine for a knife meant for stabbing things. the two-tone satin/stonewash finish looks really neat, and hides blade wear to boot. i completely recommend this knife as a financially accessible way to get a functional wave opening knife. but, if the wave feature is not important to you, then you can get a lot better for the same amount of money, like a Tangram.
Nov 10, 2019
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