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Aug 6, 2016
This is a great value knife. Probably the best inexpensive knife with the authentic 'wave' feature. I've had mine for several months now, it's cool enough to show to your buddies, but cheap enough you won't cry if you chip or lose it. The blade metal is essentially the same grade as AUS8, so its relatively hard, keeps an edge fairly well, and is easy to sharpen. Its a tad heavy, but you have to make some tradeoffs at this price point.
I have a friend who actually ground the blade of his down to be slightly under 2.5", so it was legal for him to carry into federal buildings. The handle is very comfortable, full sized, but with a shorter blade. Still works just as good for normal EDC chores.
I like a tanto tip, any chance next drop this might be offered?
Aug 6, 2016
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