Kershaw Rainbow Chive Pocket Knife
Kershaw Rainbow Chive Pocket Knife
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Pocket Knife

You want a blade in your pocket, but you don’t need all those extra bells and whistles. No, you’re thinking sensible, simple, just an old fashioned, solid knife that snaps out in a jif. Of course, a little color couldn’t hurt, but again, just the blade and blade alone. If you’ve followed us this far, chances are the Kershaw Rainbow Chive Pocket Knife is right up your alley.

Note: This drop is limited to 130 units.


This particular model, the 1600VIB, measures 2.9 inches when closed and carries a 1.9 inch blade made of high-carbon 420HC stainless steel, giving you good edge retention, easy sharpening, and solid durability. The outside casing comes in 410 stainless steel with a smooth titanium-oxide coating, the source of that rainbow effect. Although it was an accident at first, Kershaw became so enamored with the color that they kept rolling with it, to our benefit and yours.


With a feather-like weight of 1.9 oz and a Speed Safe blade lock that keeps your edge in place, the Rainbow Chive is the perfect pocket companion through long walks down dark alleys, or anywhere else but the airport. Once unlocked, the blade flips out with a flick of the thumb stud and can be easily sheathed with a little pressure to the interior torsion bar. Throw in a detachable pocket clip, and you have a great all around knife with as many uses as there are colors in the rainbow.

  • Kershaw
  • Titanium-oxide coated 410 stainless steel handle
  • Speed Safe design
  • 2.9 in (7.4 cm) closed
  • 1.9 in (4.9 cm) blade
  • 1.9 oz (53.9 g)
Rainbow Chive Demo
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