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Jan 31, 2014
Kershaw makes great knives and the lowest drop is a good price point for this model. I actually already own this knife and I'm signing up for number two (I also have this finish on a Leek I own.) These rainbow knives are "lookers" - very glossy, very colorful. Depending on the lighting, these guys can look deep purple-almost blue, to neon pink. I will agree with anyone who wants to call these "dress knives," as the finish does scratch a bit, plus the glossy finish is sort of slippery compared to the usual bead-blasted finishes on the Onion knives. Don't get me wrong, the finish is scratch resistant, and it's not like scratches will start taking the finish off - it's just that these come with a mirror polish, and any little imperfection will catch your eye. Also, the 420HC steel blade will still open any boxes or cut any rope you need it to. and still keep its edge nice and sharp.
Jan 31, 2014
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