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Sep 19, 2018
(Moved from my original post in discussions and updated after owning for a few months.)
Overall, it's a handy size and reasonable value. I've got a few minor gripes, but no deal-breakers. I'd give 3.5 stars if that were an option.
Pros: - Looks nicer than I was expecting. I bought it to be a knockaround but find myself trying to avoid banging it up. - Feels very solid. No blade play. Secure lockup. - To me it looks better in person. I thought it was going to look gimmicky, but it's actually kind of understated. - Very compact and very thin. Totally disappears in a pocket, whether clipped or loose. - Operable with one hand, including returning it to being clipped in a pocket. (See cons.) - Mine came shaving sharp. Holds an edge as well as can be expected from 8Cr. - Blade shape is excellent for general use.
Cons: - Grind is uneven, making the tip appear bent when viewed at certain angles. - After a few months of light use, the blade has become way off-center. When closed, it rests on the inside of the scale on "show" side of the handle. Centering was perfect when it was new, so I think the asymmetry of the scales (both shape and materials) may have caused some shear force to develop across the pivot. - Closing with one hand is awkward due to placement of the lock bar and is made more difficult by the aggressiveness of the detente ball. You may have a hard time releasing the lock bar with gloves on. - The edge of the thumb groove feels pretty sharp to a bare hand. The upside is that it has more grab when you're wearing gloves or have wet hands. - The carabiner clip can get tangled in softer fabric such as workout shorts. Not a problem with jeans.
Sep 19, 2018
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