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Oct 27, 2019
I own around 5 other Kershaw knives and I would have to say this knife is the least quality blade that I own from them. (I own one USA made link and 4 other Chinese made kershaws) -The steel isn't really a huge issue for me because this knife did not have hard use in mind. That being said, this knife is very thin and I think this in conjunction with the clip placement is why many people have an issue with opening this knife. I found that spydie flicking it is the best way to open it. -The knife is not smooth at all even after I adjusted the pivot to where I liked it. But to have the knife be a one hand opener, the pivot has to be loose enough to allow deployment and this has made the centering of the knife to drift toward the right. It's not horrible but it's not expected from a kershaw. -Lastly, the knife does have small front to back sway when open. This is usually unacceptable for a higher end edc knife but this is different because it is made for being a backup knife or to just have incase. Overall, this knife has its flaws but it does what it's made to do so it deserves 3 stars.
Oct 27, 2019
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