Kershaw 1730SS Zing Stainless Steel Folding Knife

Kershaw 1730SS Zing Stainless Steel Folding Knife

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The latest in Kershaw’s long line of RJ Martin designed Zings, the Kershaw Zing SS combines the size of the Leek with the styling of the Cryo II in a sleek, all stainless steel construction. Giving you a powerful blade with a frame lock at a very reasonable price, the latest Zing keeps your blade game on point Read More

Dec 23, 2019
So after emailing support for 2 weeks only to be told that they are 'checking with their colleague' and that they are 'looking into this', I filed a dispute w/ PayPal. I suggest everyone else do as well. All I want is a legitimate explanation as to why and when it will ship but when all I get is the run around I'm going to do whatever I have at my disposal to make sure this doesn't go unnoticed. Drop, I ordered on 11/18, estimated shipping was 12/11 and it's now 12/23 and we've had zero updates. In today's connected world there is no way that you can't have any status updates that you can relay to assuage this. Couple this with the fact that we could have ordered the same knife from Amazon for $3 more and had it delivered in 2 days you really messed up. Make this right, give us some update and I'll even cancel my dispute.
Dec 26, 2019
So I did actually get an answer from support, it's not a good answer mind, but an answer: Hi Rob,

My name is Jenny and I'm an Account Security Manager with Drop. I'm happy to assist you with your request!

Firstly, I like to apologize for the delay in the product shipping out on time. As a token of our apologies, I have added a $10.00 credit to your Drop account. It will remain active for a year, during checkout it will automatically apply as a discount the next time you join a run, and any left over credit will likewise be applied to any subsequent orders until all of the credit is used.

I looked into the issue and see that our shipping labels have been provided to the vendor. They have received them and will be dropshipping the packages as soon as possible. I expect for the packages to begin shipping out some time this week, if not, early next week. However, I do understand the frustration that this situation has caused. Once you have received the product, I can provide a prepaid RMA label to you to return it back for a full refund.

Would this option work for you?

Jenny To which I replied: Rob Cook
Wed 12/25/2019 9:17 AM
The preferred option would be a full refund so I can simply re-order from Amazon. Obviously once I get the knife, regardless of whom I get it from, I'll keep it. 

If offering a full refund no is not an option the other acceptable option would be a public explanation and apology on the Zing page explaining why Drop screwed this up. So Drop, ball is in your court, we all await your explanation, and yet I'm sure to a person, none of us actually expect one.
Dec 23, 2019
This is ridiculous! I placed my order on Nov. 16, my account was charged on Nov. 21 and the estimated ship date was Dec. 11 2019 which was almost two weeks ago. From now on I'll pay the extra $5, order it from Amazon and get it in less than a week!
Dec 17, 2019
Expected ship date was 11 Dec 2019, but nothing's been done for a week. Can someone provide an update on the shipping progress?
Dec 28, 2019
Mine is on its way and will be here on Monday.
Dec 29, 2019
I'm really happy for those that have received their shipment notifications. I'm not amongst the lucky ones, sadly. In my case, multiple exchanges have only led to more hollow claptrap about how there is no update available but the order cannot be cancelled because, by some unfathomable miracle, there is information however that the 'shipping line has manifested', whatever that's supposed to mean. Drop has done a marvellous job spinning casuistry and absolutely nothing to look after the interests of loyal customers who just want to be treated fairly and with honesty. Frustration and disappointment doesn't even begin to express what many of us have been made to go through in the last couple of weeks. It's the poorest customer service I've encountered on any online platform. So much for wanting to effectively represent communities. If that truly is the goal, then Drop you really need to buck up your ideas and sharpen up your attitude towards your customers before everyone on here loses faith completely and brings their support elsewhere.
Nov 22, 2019
How the heck do I get the pivot screw out? Solder heated, wiha drivers and I still can't get it out. It plays a little, where the screw and revers side will turn about 20 deg, then stops dead.
Nov 21, 2019
Why this won't ship to the Philippines?
Nov 20, 2019
$16.99 with immediate shipping on eBay
Sep 20, 2019
Aug 5, 2019
Purchased this knife to take on my upcoming trip to Namibia. Good to hear its a decent knife! If this gets stolen or confiscated its not a big loss. At the end of my trip I'll gift it to a local.
Apr 27, 2020
"Something something, I'm pretentious."
Apr 27, 2020
Not even close, but you keep working on it and you'll get there.
Jun 7, 2019
20 bones on Amazon?
May 31, 2019
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