KEY-BAR Key Organizer Deluxe
KEY-BAR Key Organizer Deluxe
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The KEY-BAR Key Organizer is designed to reduce bulk and eliminate the noisy jingle of your keys. Capable of holding up to 12 different keys, the KEY-BAR provides a designated spot for quick access to each one without having to dig through a clump at the bottom of your pocket Read More

Oct 18, 2018
Overpriced junk and scammy marketing.
Oct 16, 2018
I don't mean to be jerk and I am not a MD basher, but the Keybar website has this cheaper. Feels like MD isn't getting much of a deal on this from the maker.
Oct 19, 2018
Massdrop, like many organizations these days, seems to have given up on the idea that started it, and instead, just wants to exist as a big store and make money. We have enough big stores, lying, ignoring customers, selling us things at prices it takes a lot of resewrch to untangle the true price of. If that's all you want to be, now, what the hell? If nobody responsible for this drop is paying attention to the valid Qs being raised, or are just ignoring them, Im leaving, Im waiving evwryone I know off massdrop,and this can be just another sad example of greedy sellout internet culture and feature creep.
Btw the keybar folks were extremely nice, have no idea why their product is so expensive here, and still deserve our business. I recommend people go straight to their site to purchase. Made in the USA!
stupid crap md employees ruining it- go work for amazon if you can't understand operating inside the scope of your project, and just want to sell stuff you didn't make on an exceedingly intricate website, and leave us our group buy site :/
Or have some (self-)respect, and shut it down? Something? this apparent slow crawl towards hardly any actual group buys with discounts, and eventual buying out by someone that just wants access to your customer email list is just sad.
i very much welcome being proven wrong
Oct 19, 2018
At this point, think MD is just hoping to be bought by Amazon (like Woot). The ones who make lots of cash from this go away and talk about how great they were when they ran MD. The rest get to have a story about how Amazon screwed them over.
Been looking at a Keybar for over a year now, so will just buy from the website and forget about MD.
May 13, 2016
I like the camo one
I'd like to see another drop like this for my updated EDC collection.
Apr 12, 2016
Would be good to get an AlTiN coated version. Nice stealthy black colour.
Jan 27, 2016
What was the pricing details on this drop back when it was active?
Dec 16, 2015
What is the name/contact information of the vendor? My girlfriend ordered one for me and it was not the correct one, and there was not a mistake on her part.
Dec 10, 2015
Exciting news group! We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out and are now on the way to you! Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking to get into the shipper's system and start updating.
If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to contact us via “Contact Support” button in your transaction page:
We're also on Instagram! We'd love to see the photos of drops you've received and you can do that by following @Massdrop and tagging your pictures #massdrop.
Dec 4, 2015
We've been in touch with the vendor and they've let us know that they are still working to gather and package the group's order for shipment. We will continue to check in with them throughout the fulfillment process and update the group again as soon as everything is sent out!
Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 12/10 or sooner if something comes up.
Nov 28, 2015
It’s a go! Thanks to all of you for being a part of this successful drop. We have submitted the group’s order with the vendor for the KEY-BAR Key Organizer Deluxe. They are currently preparing the shipment and once we receive it at our warehouse in New Jersey, we’ll separate everything into individual orders and send them out to you! We expect your orders will be in transit from our warehouse by 12/11.
In the meantime, we’ll do everything we can to update you on information we receive from the vendor about your order status so you know the location of your order throughout the process.
Thanks again for being a part of this community! You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 12/4 .
Nov 30, 2015
What are the chances of a pre Christmas delivery to Tampa, FL
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