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May 10, 2017
I suppose we all got the notification via email that tomorrow they have a call into the vendor. My joining this drop was an impulse buy and now wish I had just placed a custom order for a coiled cord that is what I really wanted. I am also puzzled by the very long time for cables. This must be from a small vendor and rechecking I noticed there isn't one listed. Ugh. I have to pay more attention to that.
edit: Seems like order is on it's way to MD's warehouse. So good news. I also remember why I impulse bought this. The cost of the cable I really want is $40+ + shipping compared to this $18 shipped. My wallet thanked me.
Edit: I am happy with this cable and it's look. It matches my chocolotiers nicely. I was worried about the flex in the cable but it is solid yet stays were it is supposed to.
May 10, 2017
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