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Dec 24, 2014
I have a Keycool 84 with MX Clears that cost me about $130 and forever to arrive direct from China. Some of the PBT keycaps got warped to hell and back due to ordering it over summer. One day I'll get around to swapping the warped keys with the rainbow caps I nabbed off here. Typos due to multiple inputs and stuck keys is infuriating. I guess I'm just lazy or I'm enjoying my Poker II with clears too much. I kinda wanna sell the KC w/ MX Clears, but finding someone willing to deal with thepotentially endless task on ebay seems entirely unlikely. No idea if any of the chatter is from a bad solder, bad switches, warped keycaps or what else it could be. We're talking chatter on at least 9 keys. Fixing the spacebar was cake, but then the other keys started to "get rekt". #1stworldproblems
Getting an RMA for Keycool products has been problematic as well for anyone still reading this. Please note the dialogue below is with an individual seller, not massdrop or other US retailers/e-tailers:
Me: "If an RMA is the only option to go with, I'm okay with the long wait of shipping it back and waiting for it to return."
Seller: "If this occurs in China, it is very convenient to send it back to keycool for inspection and check. Keycool offers one year warranty for all keyboards. However, the warranty does not include shipping cost. So may i know how much would it take to ship 1.3kg keyboard from US to China ? I know it takes about $25 shipping from China to US now. The total time may be 2-3 months, including shipping back and forth, keycool inspection handling,etc."
It would have cost me potentially 3-4 months of my life to get this fixed for upwards of an additional $50 with the off chance of it getting riddled with issues a second time on the way back to my home. I can't say I'll ever buy another Keycool product after the awful experience I have had. Bad luck I suppose as nobody else reported issues with the seller with the units they received.
Now that the rant is out of the way... I must say I really do enjoy the 84-key layout. It really works well for the little time I have spent with it. The F keys and dedicated arrow keys would be nice to have on my 60% keyboard. The F keys being aligned with the # keys was great for mmo's with multiple hotbars. Less straining to reach the usually useless 8 to + depending on the size of your hand. I'd rather use 1 to 7 and F1 to F7. I can't comment on Kailh switches as I've never tried them. I would take the chance on Kailh for something like this at this pricepoint. If anything goes to s***, at least massdrop support is great. ^^
Dec 24, 2014
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