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Jun 15, 2014
Is that an inner first tent? I don't care how light a tent is in my book any tent that pitches inner first is totally useless. It's impossible to keep the inner clean and dry, the minute you have any poor weather it gets wet and that means mould.
If you want really light you would be better with a bivvy bag and a tarp than this, your gear will certainly be drier and cleaner. It's all good to make compromises for weight, but they have to be logical ones, what's the point of making so many compromises you make it effectively a one season tent, and that being season where you could without the tent.
Also this is like the old vaude style, except the similar multi season vaude tents are outer first and have a near legendary status of being one the most resilient lightweight tent makers, seriously I've seen guys in this design of tent(outer first) that have had the same tent since the eighties.
Jun 15, 2014
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