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May 9, 2017
This is the first drop (of about 5 I've participated in) that I've been let down by. These headphones were just trash. The cables don't seat firmly into the IEMs, and they swing so freely when attached that it's comical. Not only is that annoying and cheap-feeling, but the sound came and went depending on the cable's position relative to the right monitor. This was literally after the first 5 minutes of listening.
The memory wire built into the cable near the monitors is nice, and the remote on the cable is really well done. Those are the only two nice things I say about these. The sound—although a little too loose in the low end—would have been fine for me if the disadvantages listed above weren't so prevalent.
Since a couple other reviewers here said they've been happy with the build quality, I have to believe that the issues I'm experiencing are due to poor quality control. Hopefully yours will arrive in much better shape.
All of the other drops I've done here have been totally worth it. This was my wake-up call and a reminder that some of these deals are actually too good to be true.
May 9, 2017
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