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Dec 13, 2017
I purchased these via AliExpress, using their Facebook coupon for $79, when Massdrop was selling them for $99. Nice to see Massdrop caught up. They very nice for the price.
Good build quality. Big sound from a small device. However... they are very bright. Many audiophile reviewers agree. I followed their advice and I now use the windows program Equalizer APO with the PEACE GUI to tweak windows sound so they are not so bright. There are a few EQ iPhone apps that I have tried that can access iTunes music on the phone (no cloud access), a pain to use, but needed. So, they are nice to listen to when using an EQ, but without an EQ, too bright. Great for the price, once you know you will have to put out effort to make them become something that won't sit on the shelf.
Great review at:
My EQ X iPhone app settings: 400HZ 1.0db Q=1.0 800Hz 3.0dB Q=1.5 1500Hz -2.0dB Q=0.5 3100Hz 3.0db Q=1.0 7000Hz -6.0dB Q=1.0 20000Hz 0.0dB Q=1.0
Dec 13, 2017
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