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Aug 15, 2016
You might want to clarify / re-word the description of the expansion.
You have "Plus, you can now mix in monsters from King of Tokyo: Power Up! to keep things fresh." (which implies that you could mix monsters from King of Tokyo into King of New York.)
But the official wording that I have seen is "And now, King of Tokyo: Power Up! fans can mix monsters from both games to compete for the supremacy over TOKYO with Evolution cards!" [emphasis mine]
A thread on BGG clarifies that if you have KoT, KoT: Power Up!, KoNY, and this new KoNY: Power Up! then you will be able to take monsters from KoNY and play them in King of Tokyo, but NOT the other way around.
A future expansion is planned that will provide ways to convert King of Tokyo monsters to use them in King of New York (possibly a re-print of King of Tokyo: Power Up?), but that is not included in this KoNY: Power Up! expansion.
There are also some concerns expressed on BGG over changes in the card backs, particularly for those with early editions of King of Tokyo (or maybe just King of Tokyo promo cards?), which might make it more difficult to mix sets together, but I am not clear on that, so if that is important to you, please check into it further.
Hope that helps!
Aug 15, 2016
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