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Oct 13, 2017
I got this knife the last time it was dropped and I absolutely love it. I've been carrying it every day for about a month and have had no issues. The flipper was a bit awkward at first, but after about 20 flips and two drops of gun oil you'll have no issues.
For me the best method of opening was to just drag my index finger along the spine of the knife, applying consistent firm pressure. The pressure seems to hit a breaking point and the knife will fly open like butter. I've not had much luck with the "firm press" method of treating the flipper like a button, but to each their own.
This knife is solid and feels very nice in my XL hands. The blade passed a paper test right out of the box and it still going strong after a month with no sharpening only cleaning of things like adhesive residue on the blade and pocket lint.
The clean look of this knife is what initially drew me to it, but its excellent build quality and functionality is what causes me to highly recommend this knife to anyone who also appreciates its unique style.
Oct 13, 2017
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