KOR Nava Filtered Water Bottle (2-pack)
KOR Nava Filtered Water Bottle (2-pack)
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Green to the KOR

You’re not a little kid anymore, so drinking from the hose or directly from the river is simply unacceptable. Instead, you can sip with clean sophistication by using a filtered vessel fit for any occasion. An easy upgrade that quenches your thirst for quality construction, the cost-effective and eco-friendly KOR Nava Filter Water Bottle 2-Pack gives you pure hydration without any fuss.

Note: On this drop, you will receive two KOR Nava Filter Water Bottles.

Drink Your Fill

Named after one of nature’s most inspirational water filters — the Laguna de la Nava de Fuentes — the KOR Nava more than lives up to its namesake. Widely recognized as an effective material for carbon filtration, the coconut shell filter removes the smell of chlorine and improves the overall taste. You’ll be able to enjoy clean water without worry, as this bottle is completely BPA free and the hygienic cap prevent impurities. The included filter should last three months, giving you plenty of time to drink your fill.

Simple Sippin'

The Nava was intended to make hydration an easy and worry free task. Ergonomically designed for simple sipping, the silicon mouthpiece is perfectly shaped to provide you with a smooth and constant flow. The push-button cap opens with a click, so you won’t have to wrangle with a screw-off cap while your attention is focused elsewhere. For a quick filtration system that you can carry with you, grab a KOR Nava Filter Water Bottle 2-Pack and always have a Brita-style filter within arm's reach.

KOR Nava - Kickstarter Video
  • KOR
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Push-button cap
  • Exceeds NSF 42 standards for chlorine taste and odor removal
  • Capacity: 22 oz (650 mL)
  • Filter: 40 gallon lifespan
  • Eastman Tritan bottle and trim
  • POM plastic latch and mouthpiece sleeve
  • TPE bottom pad
  • FDA-grade silicone mouthpiece
  • Polypropylene cap and filter housing
  • 10.71 x 3.5 x 2.88 in (27.2 x 8.89 x 7.31 cm)
  • 12 oz (340.19 g)
  • Filtering straw
  • Starter filter

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