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Jan 22, 2018
I was pretty surprised with these headphones. I was expecting good things from these, but I got an even better than "good" headphone.
Sound (Overall): The first thing I noticed is that they have an accentuated low-end throughout most of the low frequencies, but it never really bleeds into the mids. Also, the highs are definitely rolled off (probably because of the thick pads), and I'm not coming from a treble-blaster like AKGs or some of the Beyers or anything, but from the already mostly-smooth HD600. Noticeable treble roll off in comparison, but I adapted somewhat quickly, and even with the extra bass and lesser highs, these still have a sound signature that I'd say is SOMEWHERE in the realm of warm, but "neutral-ish". Not like the Sennheiser HD6-- series or others that really strive for neutrality, but these are not one of the most colored headphones I've heard, by far. The overall tonality is still pretty balanced and the mids are present and clear enough. This is coming from someone who generally dislikes many V-shaped headphones and headphones that reccess mids into non-existence.
Soundstage: The soundstage is honestly somewhat wider that I was expecting. I was expecting a pretty modest soundstage for whatever reason (probably the look of the small venting slits, I thought it'd sound much closer to a closed headphone than an open, but I'm also not well-experienced with small on-ear headphones either). In reality, the soundstage isn't super wide, but it's decent and it doesn't feel cramped and claustrophobic like some headphones I've listened to (I'm looking at you, ATH-M50). It's about on-par compared to some true open headphones like the HD600, which has a modest but acceptable soundstage.
Comfort: These feel good to wear, with pads that sit on your ears snugly, but mostly for shorter bursts. If you have big ears, or maybe even if you have small ears, if you leave these on your head for hours at a time, they will really start to hurt the cartilage of your ears and your ears will be sore. You'll probably need to adjust these and even take these off for a few minutes after long periods of usage, but even with these issues I'll accept it for how good these are for the price.
These are well worth it for the price I paid (~$22). Honestly, I'd say these are even great for the Amazon price of $30. Maybe past that, you'd find some better options out there, but these are just surprisingly good headphones. All of the sound aspects that I mentioned are easy to adjust to, and the comfort is bearable for shorter bursts, though you may need to take breaks with these for a few minutes every so often (30-45 min).
Jan 22, 2018
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