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Jul 24, 2019
i didnt think these were going to drop again since the last sale didnt go through. I was sad so i bought my backup pair from amazon. Let me just say what are you waiting for these headphones are nothing short of an audiophile miracle. I have the K7XX, hd 58x jubilee, m1060, 400i, ksc75 and had porta pros at one point as well. But these, these headphones i use the most these kph30is are just fantastic. They are comfortable and light, the produce fantastic base, mids and highs and their sound stage an imaging are just amazing. literally just buy like 5 pairs of these and stuff em in different places just in case and your set for life haha. The best way i could describe these is they are a love child between the ksc75 and a porta pro. You get the clarity, sound stage, and imaging of the ksc75 and you get lovely bass of the porta pro. But its more than just that its like a balance of everything between them that just makes them so good. I highly recommend these headphones they are dirt cheap and the audio quality is just insane for this price
Jul 24, 2019
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