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Jan 25, 2021
It seems silly to review and share what many have said already, but throughout the years, only one other time have I been this excited about a cheap headphone (the first time I heard an openback headphone, coming from a cheap in-ear wearer probably takes the #1 spot). Simply put, it's the best audio value I've heard under $30. The sound is much larger and richer than one would expect from the look. It leans warm/mid focused, but not aggressively so. Has some soundstage and imaging (I've been trying it out for gaming (warzone) and it does surprisingly well. It is just so capable for the price. Only Complaints: Like some other affordable Koss headphones, the plastic headband is arguable a little brittle. I have had one of them snap, but given the cost, I love always having one in the mix and replaced it. I also wish the cord was a tad thicker and 6-12 inches longer. personal preference. The ear pads, though not uncomfortable, could be better. If they were to make a Verson 2 (KPH40I?), that sold for 30-40, with a better cord (removeable 2.5mm?") and more durable plastic, and comfier pads, that would be incredible... Cheers!
Jan 25, 2021
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