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Sep 23, 2016
Ok ... now I understand why the whisperlite stays so expensive compared to other MSR mnodels. In my opinion the country of origin doesn't really matter. What matters is the quality. And as far as I am concerned I would prefer Kovea or Primus (just for the simpler ones though) over MSR. If I wanterd something like the whisperlite I would rather go for the original coleman stove this one has been based on, which is a real tank. Concerning the kovea, what I really like about it is that it is one of the quietest ones out of the box and the way it folds is just smart. Comparing it to the whisperlite I found that the kovea was less bulky and would allow me to fit more stuff inside my cookset. But if anyone wants to offer me an msr I would be more than happy to review it^^
Sep 23, 2016
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