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Dec 5, 2018
I’m giving the AS10 4 stars, not because it isn’t totally worth the price (it is). But it I own several models of KZ’s hybrid IEMs with balanced armatures for highs and/or mids with a dynamic driver doing bass duty, and though they are not “more refined” than the AS10, they have as much if not more bottom end and sound about as good. I have BA IEMs from Shure and UE and they have a lot more bottom end and of course sound better—they are very expensive. I have single BA headphones from Sony (cheap but nice), Klipsch (mid priced, great sound, not as much bass) and Etymotic (expensive, beautiful sound, thin bass). Based on on the street price for each of these and the sound you are getting out of the AS10, KZ has priced them right for the sound you are getting with the tech they are using. I don’t feel ripped off at all. They just aren’t the screaming great deal you get with the hybrid KZ ZST, which I’ve seen for 15 bucks. That is a genuinely good sounding headphone that gets better with good aftermarket eartips and features a 2 pin removable cable. If you haven’t tried the ZST you don’t understand KZ. They’re the home of great sound for practically free. By that standard, the AS10 (which I admit is a good sounding headphone competitive in its price category) gets 4 stars because of its dirt cheap siblings that set high expectations for the company. Get at the cheap ones and prepare to be shocked at how close they come to these mid priced IEMs. Then find your favorite ear tip for a better seal, and watch what happens.
Dec 5, 2018
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