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LAMY Dialog 3 Fountain Pen

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Designed for LAMY by Franco Clivio, the Dialog 3 combines the performance of a 14-karat gold nib with the convenience of a retractable pen, allowing you to carry both luxury and convenience wherever you go. When the nib is hidden away, a ball valve moves in place to protect the nib and prevent ink from drying out Read More

Aug 5, 2018
I've had this pen for about 6 or 7 years. You can find it for $200 on the internet. Can't recall the name of the place I bought it at, but that was their normal price all the time. I got the stainless version of it. Honestly, I never use it anymore. It's a really heavy pen and don't dare drop it. If you do, it always wants to fall on the opposite of the nib end and it puts dents into the round portion that are impossible to remove. It's going to happen and I'm the most careful of all about trying to protect my stuff. It's not a matter of "if", but "when". Then you've got a roughly $300 pen with dents that you can't remove from it.
The absolute best fountain that I have been carrying for 10 years now, are the Namiki/Pilot retractable fountain pens. They work simply fantastic, have a great weight and balance to them and look like a regular ballpoint pen.........until you click on it and and a fountain pen nip ejects out. They come in a lot of cool colors and designs are just about 1/3rd the price of this pen. Made very well too.
In addition, to that, when you're using it and there are some people that are next to you and all of a sudden they see a fountain pen that ejects/retracts, yeah, you get a lot of comments on it too.
The LAMY Dialog is a cool pen for sure, but not nearly as practical or convenient as the Namiki/Pilot retract fountains. The Namiki/Pilot is just as cool, but in a different way in my opinion.
Dec 29, 2018
Funny you should mention all this: Way back when the Dialog 3 was announced, I was regularly using two other Lamy FPs (2000 & Persona), and was seriously looking forward to trying the D3 the moment it was released. But Lamy kept pushing the release date back, first once, then twice, and yet again. It was the better part of a year from their original release date when it finally arrived at Fountain Pen Hospital in NYC and I finally got to try it out...and I discovered why its release kept getting pushed back: the nib housing on the sample I used was a tad loose, which made putting down a proper line on paper a bit tricky. This would be inexcusable in a pen one-third the D3's then-going price (let's just say it was a good deal more than it's going for here), and the experience threw me a curve...Lamy had NEVER let me down in this way. Maybe they'd release something that simply didn't suit me (which has happened a lot), but I'd still have respect for the care in design and engineering taken. But it's what happened a few minutes afterward that changed everything: just for a lark, I asked to see Pilot's Vanishing Point, the pen that obviously was at least partial inspiration for the D3. THAT was Kismet at first write: I fell in love with the thing immediately. From there, I discovered Pilot's Custom 74, and from there the Custom 823. Now, the Lamys I had have long been replaced by these Pilots. Which is not to slam Lamy at all: I still think the 2000 is the best FP (and BP/Roller/Pencil) they've ever made, and one of the better FPs out there in general. But my episode with the D3 on first try should be a lesson to manufacturers: when you release something that's supposed to be a Big Deal, be sure you've got it all set to go before it reaches a potential customer's hands. Over and out.
Dec 29, 2018
That is all very well said! Lamy is a great brand and makes a great fountain pen, it's just that their other ones are so much better than the Dialog 3 in my opinion. The D3 is a really cool pen, it's just that it's not that practical for a fountain pen as much as we would all like it to be. If it were a $100 pen, then maybe, and it still wouldn't be that great. I'm sure that there are folks out there that have it and love it and that is great. I don't want to bash the pen, because, again, it is cool. It just doesn't work for me personally very well. And yes, the Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Points are by far the best and coolest in my opinion, along with other Pilots. They just work and are reliable. Thanks for sharing your experience and Happy New Year!
May 5, 2016
Don't understand that these are now $241.00 when in December same drop, same pen and a burl wood case (never got mine thanks again mass drop) were being sold for $200.00 ?? I missing something here?
May 6, 2016
Yeah. It sucks, quite frankly. That's the 2nd time this pen drops at this price point. Would have loved to join at $200, didn't join the last time it dropped at $231, won't do it now. A shame really, it's not even a bad deal at $231. I just would never get rid of the sour taste , especially if it ever drops at $200. I'll probably join this drop one day. Maybe when it drops at $261 :P.
Jan 1, 2015
The design is nice to look at and it sure is a fancy pen!
I got mine 2 years ago and I had to send it 2 times to Lamy for repairs until now. The Reason every time: It could not hold the ink, wich damaged/clogged the twist-to-open mechanic and thus rendering the pen unusable. At the moment my Pen is sitting in a drawer and awaits to another return to Lamy because the mechanic died again, it is blocked and won't open.
This happens with Ink from Lamy, Pelikan and Mont Blanc. with a daily use as my favorite meeting notes pen.
It simply is a very unreliable pen, prone to technical failure.
Jan 5, 2015
that's so unacceptable at this price point
Jan 6, 2015
Honestly, at the $200 price point I was willing to accept this error. It's a beautiful pen that writes like a dream. It just needs a lot of work. It's not a beater pen; it's not an EDC pen. It's that piece of art you keep in the case and use on special occasions. (The case looks great too.)
I also wanted a capless pen, and I find the Vanishing Point to be ugly, so I went with this one.
Jan 8, 2016
WOW!! I just got my Lamy Dialog 3 today and its amazing!! The nib is so smooth (M) and the way it retracts back into the pen is such a convo started. Love this. Now Massdrop get some Pilot Vanishing Points up on the site so I can have another pen to compare it to haha !! So glad I finally joined the drop!!
Feb 16, 2016
Hi Mike,
If past is precedent for the future, we might have to put our wish for discounted VP on the back burner. AFAIK, Massdrop is interested in bring it back. Also, AFAIK, bringing it back is much easier said than done.
In the past year or so (I think) it's appeared once. Unfortunately, the drop had to be cut short after a few days. Those who got in, got it, but there seemed to numerous problems in finding a solid source for the pens.
I have a question for you, though. Are you still using your Dialog? Is it still meeting your expectations? I know it's a pretty hefty pen with some significant differences from the VP. What do you like most about it? What's the one think you really wish were different about the pen?
Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing about your experience with the Dialog.
Fine Print: periodically edited, relevant affiliations (if any) are clearly indicated, opinions are mine.
Feb 16, 2016
If that is the case with the VP then it is truly a sad one. So far my expectations with the Dialog 3 have been met, it is quite a hefty pen as you mentioned but I like to feel my pen in my hand so it does not bother. The nib is beautiful and very smooth to write with. The mechanism that brings the nib out from the barrel is flawless, so far no issues with design.
There is one thing that I worry about with this pen though, when writing (I have a heavy hand) I feel like I might bend the nib right out of the socket thats holding it. I don't know if others experience this bending but it sometimes worries me, if it were one of my Safaris or Al-Stars fine break off but for a $400.00 pen it is quite worrisome. I might just have to play with it a little to see if everything is secure after the cleaning I did of it (might just be my fault).
Otherwise the pen is great, it looks and writes beautifully and is a great convo starter. I pulled it out at one of my meetings (Im a general contractor) and they asked why I brought my lipstick to the jobsite (insert audience laughter here). After seeing what it actually is they were intrigued but after telling most people the price they were like no thank you (they will never understand us FP users anyways "Its just a pen they say").
I have yet to write with a VP but will probably test one out at this years NY Pen show in Long Island. If you've got one then I wouldn't mind hearing your review of it. Hope this helped!! All the best!!
Apr 15, 2015
I'm not sure why everyone is giving Massdrop such a hard time about the Lamy drops being US exclusive; I'd wager it's simple ignorance regarding business processes.
It's been pointed out in multiple listings that Massdrop is not able to offer these pens outside of the US due to the distribution agreements that the manufacturer, Lamy, has in place. Let's face it people; Massdrop is a small community, and vendor, that works as a middleman. Do you really think that Lamy is going to renegotiate with it's distribution channels for two limited inventory drops? Further how does putting pressure on Massdrop change the situation, considering that the source of the challenge is with the manufacturer, consequently placing it outside of the realm of control Massdrop has.
I'm starting to feel like the Massdrop community, on the whole, primarily consists of individuals in their 20's who have limited life/business experience.
Apr 20, 2015
I think your jumping on people unnecessarily. I'm guessing you live in the US and are not seeing anything off limits to you. The complaints here are that people are being sent notices for drops they are not qualified to purchase. It's not difficult for MassDrop to only send drop notices to only qualified buyers. They can easily add an attribute to our profile yes/no to receive only notification on qualified drops.
Apr 21, 2015
I live in Canada, travel to the US monthly, and am abroad for work 2 weeks each month (usually Asia or Europe, depending on the project). Sorry buddy, you couldn't be more wrong. I'm calling out the people pressuring massdrop for an issue that massdrop cannot control. It's not their distribution agreements, it's Lamy's. The complaints are valid, but they should be directed to Lamy, not the middle man.
Dec 28, 2018
I like this pen--just not for two-hundred and thirty bucks.
Feb 16, 2019
if only it was a retractable piston-filler. i’m asking for the sky, i know.
Feb 16, 2019
If you build it, they will come!

Dec 4, 2017
While waiting for the palladium broad nib to be available on this drop, I managed to find mine for $173.95 shipped instead. Hooray patience and Fountain Pen Day deals!
Mar 25, 2017
Just a heads up. I have this pen and I do like it but 1. the mechanism for sliding the nib out is finicky and 2. The palladium finish stains an pits easily and cannot be removed.
Mar 26, 2017
my palladium dialog 3 is spotless. I don't use iron gall inks and I refill from the converter.
Mar 27, 2017
Never used iron gall ink. Always refill from the converter. It's a water stain that I apparently missed when cleaning. We have hard water. I would imagine some potential buyers might too. Just giving people a heads up.
Oct 12, 2018
I’m going to change the tone a bit as I have had this pen for almost a decade and am very happy with it. I had some problems with the nib ejection feeling scratchy early on but those were rectified quickly and have had no other problems. Mine is a medium nib and a wet writer which I like with this pen. Have dropped it and been ok, no dents. It’s a thick and heavy pen so don’t buy it unless that works for you. And all restractable nib pens will require more maintenance (they will usually dry out faster than capped pens, for one) so if that’s an issue then you may want to reconsider. Other than that it’sawesome. And the price here is great from my experience.
Apr 13, 2015
US only again?
Apr 14, 2015
So every lamy drop I see is going to be us only?!
May 16, 2015
Hey everyone,
I think it's totally valid that members living outside the US are disappointed to be sent emails for products they can't actually order. I will pass along the comments to our email marketing team.
We're continually working to make LAMY available worldwide, but it's been a longer process than anyone has wanted or expected. We hope to have some news in the summer.
CC: @Raggy @cbmd @Templogin @arlo @iLeicaMike
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