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Nov 4, 2016
According to some 'professional knife maker's review of this diamond system on amazon, these diamond 'stones' are better for ceramic knives than steel/metal ones. Metal apparently forces the diamond flakes into the base material (provided the knife blade is harder than said base material [or else, what is your knife made of]) over not that many uses. Accordingly, the standard stone system is second to the Arkansas stone system, and the rest of the systems are just swapouts or additions of the different 'stone' things lansky makes. Bought the 5 stone deluxe system (free shipping) on ebay for 36.33, it includes these stones: Extra Coarse Black Hone: (70 grit) for re-profiling the bevel grind Coarse Red Hone: (120 grit) for edge reconditioning Medium Green Hone: (280 grit) for sharpening and less frequent touch-ups Fine Blue Hone: (600 grit) for most frequent touch-ups to keep your blade paper-slicing sharp Ultra-Fine Ceramic Yellow Hone: (1000 grit) for polishing the edge for a razor sharp edge
Should do better than this diamond setnfor alla my knives, from the kitchen to camp. Sorry massdrop /: but a simple cusory ebay search will bring out similar or better results. I bought a 'lanksy' branded one for personal comfort, but the brandless ones were cheaper down to about twenty bucks.
Nov 4, 2016
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