Learn to Solder Kit
Learn to Solder Kit
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Product Description
You may be intimidated by soldering, but you’re interested in exploring the world of tinkering that only a proper soldering kit can open up. The communities over at Geekhack and Geekhackers have been helping people learn the process for years and the culmination of their efforts is the Learn to Solder Kit, a comprehensive set of supplies designed and arranged by Ming Kawaguchi (mkawa on Geekhack) to be a purely pro-bono tool for education Read More
  • CL1481-K3 Edsyn Soldering Iron with Iron Holder
  • LT376 tip
  • LT374 tip
  • DS017LS ESD-safe soldapullt
  • Hand tool: KP9157
  • 1 oz Kester 44 solder on spool
  • Tweezer

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