Levenger L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen
Levenger L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen
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Janus Jotter

When you’re signing a check or taking notes, you want that indescribable analog feel that only a fountain pen can achieve. At the same time, when you start working with your iPad, it’d be nice to have a stylus handy for the occasion. Giving you a pen that embraces ink history while looking forward to the digital age, the Levenger L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen features a stainless steel nib, a silicone rubber stylus, and an all brass body for maximum performance in any age.

Show Your Stylus

The solid brass body has been weighted for a satisfying heft, offering the pen extra protection and lending more weight to your writing hand. The barrel starts off faceted to ensure that it never slips off your surface, but transitions to a textured grip for lasting comfort during use. The removable cap features a silicone rubber stylus on top- the perfect tablet and smart phone tool- and a nib underneath, made from #5 stainless steel for increased performance and durability.

Finishing Touches

Compatible with an ink cartridge or the included ink converter, no matter what your favorite type of fountain ink is, it’ll fit in the L-Tech Plus. Completed with an attractive finish and a pocket clip, the Levenger L-Tech Plus Fountain Pen is a refined writing instrument that combines the old and new worlds in one stylish package. At checkout, you have your choice between the standard L-Tech Plus, with a metallic chrome finish, or the L-Tech Plus Stealth, with a matte black finish. You also have your choice of nib size, available in Broad, Fine, or Medium.

Style Options
  • Brass barrel
  • Stainless steel nib
  • Smoothly textured grip
  • Compatible with ink cartridge or converter
  • Threaded cap
  • Silicone rubber stylus tip
  • Pocket clip
  • Standard weight- 1.69 oz (47.91 g)
  • Standard dimensions- 5.63 x 0.63 in (14.30 x 1.60 cm)
  • Stealth weight- 1.6 oz (45.36 g)
  • Stealth dimensions- 5.75 x 0.44 in (14.61 x 1.12 cm)

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Estimated ship date is June 4, 2014 PT.

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