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Oct 16, 2014
Just unboxed mine and set it up. No bleed except for the tiniest tiniest smidge of it in the bottom left and that's in a totally black room with complete black screen. So I consider it perfect and just fine. None issue. Can't put a monitor in the most extreme circumstances then complain about a tiny bit of bleed that I really have to nitpick to even notice.
But, yes, this thing is WIDE, it's huge, it's beautiful sharp picture. Mine was made Sept 2014.
Running it displayport on SLI GTX580 Lightning Extreme's (which are about the performance of a GTX780 and about to dive into some games. I'm running on DisplayPort 1.2 as well, no flicker or any problems at all.
I hooked it up on the default stand it came with (but I use the bottom holes, not the top two, and there's no wobble in this stand, seems just fine. I have a nice $140 IKEA desk though, maybe that allows it to be sturdier. Shaking the desk a little bit, I don't even see the monitor move.
I run Brightness of 30, Contrast of 50, it's great.
UPDATE: So far, I've played D3 and Wow. D3 char screen is 16:9, however if you run the game in windowed(fullscreen), it plays at 3440x1440 and is great. I'm not a fan of windowed mode as for SLI, you usually need to run "fullscreen" only for the vid drivers to use both vid cards. Not every game is like this, so think D3 still uses both cards in windowed mode.
Wow was flawless, ran great, just char screen is 16:9
Another point on this whole backlight bleeding issue. Let's keep this accurate, I have no bleeding, or 99.9% no bleeding. If I put a black screen test up and turn off lights, then I see IPS glow in the corners, move my head, and I see a tiny bit of bleed in the bottom left. "BUT!!" my older Asus PB278Q had more bleed/glow than this. I really think the placebo effect is going on with people here. They hear all this talk about Backlight bleed, so they turn off lights, put on black screen and then if they see ANY at all, they think it's defective? I think we just have backlight bleed on the brain and so we're all being sensitive to it?
Obviously, there are exceptions that really do have bad pixels, bad bleed, but I think most folk's screens are fine and we're being too sensitive about this. The point is, do you even notice any bleed during movies/games? No, then it's fine.
Sorry for the long post, just some more info in case this helps folks:
1) The default stand is just fine and doesn't wobble much at all if you use the bottom holes. Just tilt the monitor upward more
2) The joystick on the great, just have to press the joystick upward (inward towards the panel) to turn the monitor on. Some folks were complaining about no power button
3) Win7 loads PlugNPlay drivers for this, 3440x1440, and seems to add another entry in your sound options for this monitor. Meaning, it adds this monitor as the default sound output. Did for me atleast. Had to go into control panel, sounds, and put my speakers back as the default sound device.
4) So far I've had no issues with input lag, no tearing, no panel flickering even on DisplayPort 1.2 (but I'm on nvidia drivers), no clicking, no issues. Again, my panel was made Sept 2014
Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014
Consider yourself lucky :(
Oct 16, 2014
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