Life-Phorm All-in-one Mount
Life-Phorm All-in-one Mount
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Can’t Rent a Crane?

To get the right angle during your family photo shoots and Go Pro film sessions, you’ve resorted to duct tape, ladders, and any number of precarious set-ups. Sure, it gets the shot, but it also places your expensive gear in real jeopardy. To expand your filming range and give your device proper balance no matter what surface it rests upon, attach your camera, smart phone, or tablet to a Life-Phorm All-in-one Mount.

Only 200 available!

Spider Cam

Shaped like a cross between a spider and a face-hugger from Aliens, the Life-Phorm features six fully adjustable appendages that can stick or stabilize to any surface. Thanks to the two joints in each leg, you can adjust to any position with ease, and keep the stance by tightening the joint tension. The legs feature rubber padding for comfort and stability as well as metal reinforced leg tips and rubberized, hooked ends to let you really clamp on to that ceiling fan, desk edge, or any other surface you spy.

Mount Shelob

Just having a pet spider isn’t enough. No, you need to fit that spider with a fully adjustable saddle, one that can easily hold a tablet, smartphone, or camera with a slight shift of the base plate. Keeping your device secure against the frame, you can attach the Life-Phorm to your bicycle, body, or wherever else without fear that your iPhone will come falling out. An innovative way to bring a whole new angle to your device use, the Life-Phorm All-in-one Mount is the perfect solution for professional photographers and dedicated couch potatoes alike.

  • Lethal Protection
  • One device fits tablets, smartphones, and cameras
  • Adjustable joint tension
  • Adjustable clamping system
  • Rubber padding for comfort and stability
  • Multi-positioning legs
  • Metal reinforced leg tips
  • Rubberized, hooked ends

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