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Linsoul LSC09 IEM Cable

Linsoul LSC09 IEM Cable

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Product Description
Upgrade your IEMs with a Linsoul LSC09 cable, available here with your choice of an MMCX or 0.78-millimeter two-pin connector. This cable features a high-quality single-crystal copper silver-plated wire to ensure near-lossless transfer of your music signal Read More

Oct 27, 2020
Isn't this the same cable that comes with tin p1 ?
Nov 22, 2020
I don't think so. They only look like the P1's cables
Sep 30, 2020
would these work for a pair or etymotic er3xr? if so, would it be worth the upgrade?
Oct 1, 2020
1) Etymotic uses mmcx connectors, so theoretically yes. However, these cables have pre-formed hooks that are meant to be used with IEMs with cables that hang over-ear. I can't see the hooks working well with Etymotic's design. You might not be able to wear them at all with these cables on. (the hooks might curve back towards your cheeks and push the ER3XR out of your ear) 2) Don't buy cables looking for improvement in sound quality. There might be some very slight differences, but it's never worth it. I'll only consider buying cables when a) the old one broke or b) you want a prettier looking one.
Jun 17, 2020
My shipping status has been stagnant for almost a week now! Can we get an update please?
Sep 26, 2020
Well, it is a beautiful, well-made cable with excellent flexibility. I do like it a lot. I would consider it to be more of an indoor cable since it'd be tough to keep clean with heavy outdoor use. I also don't think that I'd ever spend more than this for an IEM cable.
Sep 26, 2020
Thank you.
Jun 5, 2020
Scheduled to be shipped by June 2nd 2020, please provide official status of the order Drop staff, thanks.
Jul 29, 2020
Idk why people even shop on drop any more? I just got a pure silver fiio cable off hifigo with like 1-2 weeks shipping for free FROM China. I don’t understand why this company can’t get their crap together and actually ship in a reasonable time. You’re willing to wait 3-4 months that maybe you might get something for 10% off and now you no longer have a warranty/no returns. Totally not worth it to me, just looks like they’re milking people at this point.
Aug 27, 2020
it's not drop they have to wait to get the product before they can ship it and generally speaking drop will offer you refunds even if they don't specifically say so but if you want a replacement you have to contact the 3rd party
May 21, 2020
Has anyone received their cable from the drop that ended in early March? Mine supposedly shipped April 2, but I have yet to receive it.
May 25, 2020
Mine was sent on Mar 28 2020, has not arrived yet.
Apr 26, 2020
this is a good price but for the value I think I'm going to go with the new fiio LC-RE ... better cable and better over all usage ... with the 2 pin and the MMCX connectors that should take care of all of my IEMs and you get 2.5/4.4 balanced and 3.5 SE...
Jul 29, 2020
Hope you didn’t buy it. The fiio PURE silver is way better, not modular but silver is king/ it’s half the price anyways.
Apr 25, 2020
Can for WESTONE B50?
Mar 7, 2020
So regarding Linsoul. I got ripped off by them on a 11/11 purchases of Tin t-4's as did many others and ask for a refund when I received less than 50% of the product I paid for over 60 days late. Attached was the reply received by e-mail in lieu of sending a printable shipping label.. I would encourage you to proceed with caution. Jessie Li (Linsoul Audio) Feb 9, 14:48 CST Hello, Thank you for your reply, we are so sorry for that, Due to the coronavirus, we could not provide a Pre-paid shipping label now, Could you could please kindly help to ship back then we will refund you the shipping fee? Best Regards, Linsoul Audio Customer Service Team It should also be noted that in another transaction with Linsoul I paid for expedited shipping for an in stock product and the order was not processed for 21 days. I was assured that I would be refunded that $10 charge but never was. How you chose to spend your money is totally up to you but I just thought you should be informed about my experiences to help in you thought process.
Dec 25, 2019
Will this cable fit my Tin T4s?
Dec 25, 2019
So I bought the LSC08... besides looks. Whats the difference. This one seems to have less strands and looks cheaper, but costs more.
Dec 25, 2019
My guess according to what is written on both store pages is the LSC09 is silver plated, while the 08 isn't. Technically speaking, silver-plated copper has better conductivity (which is really the only thing that kinda matters for IEM cables) than pure copper. As to whether or not the difference in sound quality is even noticeable or worth the price is beyond me. Pure copper already has very high conductivity, so I don't see the point of spending more for negligible increase in conductivity when we're dealing with audio. E.g. pure silver only has 7% more conductivity than copper, but since silver is more precious, prices for pure silver cables can go much higher. (Although through some black magic Chinese companies could somehow make 'silver' cables at a similar price range) Tl;dr just buy the cables that suits your taste and budget but know that it's a diminishing return thing for audio quality vs price. Unless your 'single-crystal pure copper' cable isn't what it's advertised to be, you should be fine.
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