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Aug 7, 2018
Just chiming in. I have the LD MKIII from long ago and collected various tubes that were recommended for this amp since then. I have the HD 6xx and TH-X00.
For the TH-X00, I find I prefer it from a solid state amp more than from the LD. As the TH-X00 are already bass heavy, running it from the LD just bloats the low end further. So I use it mainly from the Mojo and the impact is fantastic.
My CD collection has been languishing in the closet and I recently happen to chance across a deal on a CD player (Marantz CD5005). So I took the CD player home, immediately hooked it to the LD (with my fav Hytron tubes) and plugged in the HD 6xx. Omg the result was mind(or ear) blowing. Absolute syrupy, lush tube sound. So yeah, everyone’s right about the magic of the HD 6xx and tube amps.
Aug 7, 2018
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