LM Products Cannon Card & Cash Wallet
LM Products Cannon Card & Cash Wallet
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Based in Anderson, Indiana, LM Products started out making leather goods for musical instruments, like guitar straps, accordion straps, and drumstick bags. These days, the company—family owned for three generations—applies its expertise to a wide range of products, all handcrafted and heirloom quality Read More

Mar 6, 2020
Hello! I just placed an order for the Boot Brown version of this wallet and I can’t wait to get it! However, I had my heart set on the Spruce version but for some reason it wasn’t available as an option at checkout... anyway you guys can do anything about this? @LMproducts
Mar 6, 2020
Do any of the varieties / colors wind up being thinner than the others? I'm on a crusade to carry less and would live a thinner version than what the pictures seem to show, perhaps something akin to driving glove leather?.
Mar 6, 2020
Does this have RFID protection?
Mar 6, 2020
@LMproducts Hey Tyler- My 3rd LM Product leather good to add the collection here.. Hooked! Is the ship date for the latest drop of this wallet still 7/24? Thanks
Thanks man! Really appreciate the support. We are on schedule for our delivery to Drop's fulfillment center. I cant guarantee anything after that though. My guess is all looks good! Thanks Tyler CEO // LM
Jun 10, 2019
What type of animal is the leather sourced from? Is it bovine, porcine or something else?
Hi, It's bovine. Thanks, Tyler CEO // LM
Jan 22, 2019
Hi. What kind of leather is used to make this wallet? Thanks.
Jun 8, 2019
Inquiring minds would like to know! @LMproducts could you please answer this question? Thanks.
Hey guys - Sorry for the delay. Traded in some screen time for family time over the weekend so I'm playing catch-up now. Here's a run-down of the leathers. Boot Brown - This is a firm waxed suede leather that is used in the production of boots. We bought it from an overproduction from a well-known bootmaker that shall go unnamed. :) Very sturdy, interesting, cool leather. Chestnut - Proprietary leather we had made. Full grain, pebbled texture. Darkens with age nicely. Mahogany - easiest comparison would be Horween CXL. Coyote - Another firm, waxed suede leather. Hardy leather that holds up well. Crazyhorse - Naked finish crazyhorse leather with subtle pull-up burst. Spruce - Another crazyhorse leather with an interesting dark brown/olive-ish color to it. All are cow leathers. Let me know anything else I can help with. Thanks, Tyler CEO // LM
Jan 17, 2019
@LMproducts These look great! What's the difference between the Crazyhorse and Mahogany; they look very similar. Do you have any other pics (besides the ones on your website) that would show their differences? Thanks!
Thanks! Mahogany has a glossier finish. Crazyhorse is a naked finish. Mahogany has more of a burgandy color than crazyhorse. Let me know any other questions. Thanks, Tyler CEO//LM
Nov 22, 2018
Wish there were better product shots in the overview. Seems like this was a complaint in the last drop, but really should have been fixed by now.
Nov 23, 2018
Check their website.
Nov 24, 2018
We could, but we shouldn't have to.
Oct 16, 2018
Just received mine (California). Very nice, leathery feel and smell, this is the real thing. Card pockets are a little stiff, managed to get four cards in one pocket but it got really tight. My guess is that this will get better with use after it has time to break in, as in all leather products.
Jan 17, 2019
You can wet the leather and mould it to your cards. Dry it naturally and slowly so it won't go brittle.
Sep 16, 2018
When will these ship?
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Sep 25, 2020
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