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Oct 30, 2019
I have both the FW3A and FW1A. I'm very ambivalent about both lights. There are some things I wish I knew prior to purchasing the FW3A. 1) The switch is WAY too sensitive. You cannot carry this loose in your pocket or clipped without it in lockout mode unless you want to heat up your pocket and leg real fast. It also feels nice and is very satisfying to click IMO. But the look and feel mean it has issues being practical. 2) The FW3A is small. Unless you have small hands you will engulf the whole light with a traditional tail clicky reverse grip. And it gets hot. So practically the only hold that you really have unless cranking back the brightness is a cigar grip. 3) It's floody. I mean not a little floody, but a LOT floody. The thing has like no throw. Compared to my zebralight 62w, it functions basically the same outdoors, and the 62w is an 840 lumen light that is generally considered pretty floody. Even changing out the optic only improves it a bit. A small room.. yeah insanely brighter. Everywhere else... meh not in a meaningful way. 4) The thermal sensor is not calibrated at the factory. Some sellers calibrate it before sending, but odds are you will have to do it if you want it to run right and give you the most brightness for maximum time. 5) The firmware and UI are nice. But the cheat sheet is not a cheat sheet, it's a terse refresher. REad the printed instructions, better yet watch one of the videos demonstrating the UI on youtube. It sells tons of places with a decent discount. Unless Drop is doing thermal calibration or getting them to you faster than ~3 weeks, this isn't a great deal.
Oct 30, 2019
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