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Aug 5, 2018
Mine works flawlessly. Using efest 26650 5000 mah batteries it has incredible brightness and excellent runtime. I own a drawerful of 18650 lights and love them. This is a huge upgrade.
It will charge via its USB charge circuit, but I much prefer my efest charger’s speed and OLED info display. Excellent light all round. Great use of the newer 26650 “vape battery.” Anyone who bought this without taking note of the innovative battery that enables this breakthrough in brightness is probably not knowledgeable enough to provide an informative review.
This light has one area I would improve immediately: put some kind of rubber seal cover over the micro usb charge port. It is already rated submersible Even with the unsealed port. A rubber snap cover would improve that rating.
I know it’s supposed to be waterproof but an unsealed charge port still makes me nervous. Haven’t tested mine and don’t intend to. Regardless, this is a great light.
Aug 5, 2018
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