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Jul 14, 2017
This is my most favoritest flashlight. I use normal amazon rechargeable double a's and it compares to pretty much any other "1000 lumen" flashlight on amazon. The case is solid. I would not use the clip for everyday carry probably but then again why would anyone need to carry a flashlight around everyday when you have one on your phone? Most people buying this probably aren't Carl Winslow'ing it up and using this for police duty or anything. This is more of a throw it in your pocket if you are going hiking sort of thing or would even be good to keep in the car. Carl Winslow probably would appreciate that it takes normal rechargeable double a's though. No fancy complicated annoying batteries for science reasons here. Go home Steve. Plain olde batteries here.
35w update: I change my mind on the clip. It is teh coolest. I use it like a pocket knife now and clip it right onto the inside of whatever pocket and it has lost no structural integrity. But most importantly it doesnt stick out 2 inches from the top of the clip out of the pocket. The clip is framed at the very top of the light by the button so it sits flush on the pocket. Classy. Fully waterproof, I testeds. Still favorite flashlight and keep it right by the front door. 2year update: EDC flashlight. Everyday. Rechargeable double a's. Still as awesome as day 1.
Jul 14, 2017
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