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Apr 24, 2017
Bought this with the last drop in November ... pretty great sound, recessed mids, not so heavy bass and a little too flat response for my liking (multi instrument songs can be overwhelmed and unfocused) but otherwise great representation, soundstage and clarity - one of the best entry level multi-driver IEMs out there! Headphones actually shine the most when you listen to them at high volume and using lower fidelity sources (320 or even 240 kbps mp3 works better than FLAC in a lot of cases because of better focus in multi-instrumental songs). Design is unique but I have a pretty comfort fit with over-the-ear wearing style, though I get little uncomfortable when listening to it for more than 3 hours at the time. They are a little bit on a heavy side and it takes a long time to find the perfect ear tips (I spend the whole day until I settled for the mid size of the biggest width silicon tips). Now the bad thing - cables!!! After 3 months of careful handling (using them at home/office exclusively and caring them around in the protective case), my headphones started to loose the sound in one cable (and this are the improved MMCX cables which are different in the last year or two) and now it takes me 1-2 minutes to find the position where I can hear the sound completely and if you move the head too much it cuts out. I have contacted manufacturer through Massdrop support and I haven't heard a reply in more than a month! Verdict: great overall IEMs with lousy support
UPDATE: Received good news from vendor, they are replacing my headphones, so hopefully this time cables will last longer. Better opinion about the support :)
Apr 24, 2017
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