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Sep 4, 2015
Finally received my pair yesterday, ordered it in July and only got it in September. I don't blame Massdrop or DHL though, more like my country's post takes longer to deliver my package domestically than it takes for the cheapest shipping option from China to reach my doorstep. Anyway, I really like these IEMs! Its very clear and sharp, has a mic, made of metal and look great. The biggest downside for them would be the flimsy cable. They have plenty of memory and feel very cheap. Also, is it me, or is it incredibly hard to get the foam tips on? I already ripped 2 of them. Then again, it could just be me being too rough. I compared them to my old Shure se215 blues, which I will be replacing with the macaw, and I have to say the value of the macaw is good. They cost half the price of my old IEMs but still sound as good. Granted the shures and macaw sound nothing alike, former is a lot warmer and richer, latter sounds leaner and more accurate. Still, u get my point. The 2 cons I would say about the macaws is the thing about the cable above, and the unnecessarily-hard-to-put-on foam tips.
Sep 4, 2015
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