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May 14, 2016
Been using mine for the past week at work. They sound good for bassheads. These buds are your typical V shaped curves, so it has boosted bass and treble. If you achieve a nice sealed fit, there's indeed some nice low end. I hate sibilance, and these do indeed have it, however, it's tolerable. The 5ish battery life is accurate by my account. Fit and finish is good, but since it's made out of plastic it doesn't have a premium feel, which is fine considering the price. Also, the plastic construction makes it super lightweight, which is a huge positive for wireless earbuds. For range, using a Galaxy s6edge, I can get 20ft away from my phone, without concrete/metal in-between, before it starts skipping.
For 25 bucks, it's hard to knock on these. I like bass, and with these I have to switch to a flat EQ. If you dislike bass, then these buds aren't for you. If you like hip-pop/pop/edm, then these buds are perfect for it.
For reference, my current in-ears consists of Bluebuds, x2, KC06a, Alpha & Delta, ax35 oh, and I wouldn't have bought jaybirds, if i had these to begin with.
May 14, 2016
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