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Sep 12, 2014
Just got my Grab Bag, here's the pulls:
Soul of Zendikar FOIL - M15 Media Promo - (NM) - $3 Master Biomancer - Gatecrash - (NM) - $3.50 Bloodline Keeper - Innistrad - (NM) - $4 Temple of Plenty - Born of the Gods - (NM) - $7.50 Stroke of Genius (Japanese) - Urza's Saga - (HP) - $9 Serra's Sanctum - Urza's Saga - (DAMAGED) - $27 TOTAL: $54
Very generous values based on TCGPlayer mid. Live prices were significantly lower on all of these cards. Most of these feel like someone speculated them as currently holding an inflated value. Basically no competitive play other than the Temple. On top of that, the only saving grace in this pack, the Serra's Sanctum, is in terrible condition. Deep scratches and peeling edges mean I will not be able to trade this card for anything near the listed value.
I would have been totally okay with this pack if the Serra's Sanctum was in better condition.
Sep 12, 2014
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