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Aug 16, 2019
Bullet Points instead of Paragraphs Review. Go Nuts.
I dislike lengthy reviews which use overly-verbose language. Enjoy some bullet points: Things I do not like:
  • -Spacebar and Backspace make scratchy noises from the stabilizers; a bit annoying. Fixed with lube applied directly to stabilizer by removing keycap.
  • -I dislike the boxy font for the legends. Fixed by swapping out with another keycap set.
  • -The spacebar is white instead of gray. Fixed by swapping out with another keycap set.
  • -The bluetooth connection is choppy AF. This alone is why I give the review 3-stars instead of 4-stars.
  • -I dislike the placement of tilde/grave (~ and `) in the media cluster. This is an unintuitive and difficult-to-use location. I would rather it be another layer behind the ESC key.
  • -There are small plastic teeth which hold the USB cable in place on the bottom of the keyboard. These teeth create permanent indentations on the cable itself.
  • -The ugly "Magicforce" logo carved into the faceplate between the arrow cluster and media cluster.
  • -Does not have hot-swap sockets for the switches.
Things I do like:
  • -The MF68 layout is amazing for my general workflow at the office. I do miss the 10-key sometimes, so I placed an order for the MF21.
  • -The slim profile makes travel easy (home and office).
  • -Rubberized retractable feet for keyboard tilt. While these ones are a bit cheap, they are thicker plastic than other keyboards I have used.
  • -I chose Gateron Black switches; highly recommend these switches
  • -The price was just right. This was a major consideration in my purchase.
  • -I can store multiple bluetooth devices for connection (multiple laptops, phone, etc).
Things I am indifferent about:
  • -The lighting/LED modes are neat, but I do not use them.
Would not recommend to a friend.
Aug 16, 2019
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