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Mar 6, 2018
I took a roll of the dice on this one and lost, it looks like. I couldn't bear anymore radio silence, so I reached out to cancel and massdrop took care of it immediately. I would assume this means it hasn't shipped or even gotten close to that point, given that otherwise I would have gotten some pushback. So for those still waiting... its gonna be a minute yet.
You can find this board on Ebay for about the same price and it looks like similar ones (if not the same) on Amazon now. Ultimately the silence, the wait, the review below with the wrong keycaps, and the fact that there are several nonstandard keycaps on this board made me think twice about why I bought this board and and the company entirely. Ended up biting the bullet and ordering a custom VP3 from WASDKeyboards. I figured I'd rather get something that will be for sure what I want but double cost, than pay half the cost for something I'm not gonna really like and isn't that great to begin with.
Mar 6, 2018
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