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Nov 8, 2016
This was an older purchase of mine, actually the first on massdrop. I had been watching county-comm for a while just ordering form them was a little tedious. So when I saw it on here, I took my chances. Unfortunately, the quality of their flashlights are not really what they seem. The build was great, by that I mean the handle.. after about .. 3-4 months of use I had to hit the flashlight on surfaces in order to get the light to function. I tried many batteries, they were not the cause - it must have been a contact issue. But if this is a "military grade" flashlight, it should be able to handle MANY drops, not just a few but MANY. Trust me, these things are just .. pretty, and that's about it. I still have the little tripple A ones, theses other ones I just gave away and .. the people who own them now aren't really using them either. I hadn't done much research into flashlights upon buying them, I just thought "hey it's made in USA and they look good" but, nah. I'm not doubting county-com's ability to engineer a quality long lasting product, but this was surely not the one. I have my doubts on their electronics - the machining is really quite beautiful. --- and that's all. :)
Nov 8, 2016
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