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Mar 10, 2015
I bought this watch earlier this year for $216, shipped - I'm actually wearing it right now. This doesn't seem like much of a deal.
Overall, it's a 3.5 star out of 5 for me. Biggest selling points were the utilitarian looks, sapphire crystal, and auto/winding movement. Biggest con is the overall lack of fit and finish. Other watches to consider: Seiko Monster or SKX007, Glycine Combat Sub
Here are some "hands-on" thoughts on the watch with the Seiko SKX007 and Omega Seamaster Chrono as points of reference: - overall fit and finish in person is not quite as nice as the pictures, or the Seiko (obviously the Omega blows it away) - The dial looks like plastic and is pretty reflective. You therefore don't frequently see it looking as deeply black as in the photos. The bezel numbering is little sloppy and inconsistently sized (e.g. my "50" is larger than my "20" - though the pictured copy looks a little nicer than my copy in this regard). - The lume is pretty weak, not nearly as good as my Seiko. Also seems to be inconsistently applied as part of the watch always dims before the other. - The domed crystal really needs anti-reflective coating. Between the plasticy dial and the domed crystal - you're pretty much always catching a reflection on this thing - The photos are probably using softbox lighting - in person the steel looks a little darker. You could be mistaken for thinking the bezel markings are white in the photos. They are not. - The "0" triangle on the bezel is slightly off center - points to the top of the 4 in "24" - Though next to my Seiko and Omega, this looks huge, it doesn't feel that huge on the wrist (I'm a big guy, YMMV). - Though unusual, the crown position wears fine left-handed and because it's oversized, can actually be wound/set while on the wrist, if necessary.
This is purely a tool/sport/casual watch. My Seiko or Omega don't look out of place with a suit due to their polished case elements - I don't think the satin/brushed finish wears as well in that regard.
Hope this helps
Mar 10, 2015
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