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Jan 2, 2018
I bought several of these, you guys really need to work on your stupid descriptions.
It's stupid when you have to use the word "actually" at the end of the description.
Yeah my mistake..... I guess.....but it's really frustrating that this is the way you guys do things, it's really stupid to advertise it as a 11x14 when it is ACTUALLY 15x18 and the pictures you use to advertise the drop are the 15x18.. the print is 15x18 no one anywhere else would list the print the way you did..... hire less coders and get at least a couple of guys with advertising and sales experience. This is really really stupid of you guys and is strike two for you on my end.
I ended up having to trim them down with a bloody razor blade to fit the frames I had ordered or have a ruined Christmas.....pissed.
Jan 2, 2018
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