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Aug 13, 2018
Igot both a red and a blue with cree bulbs. Both came in excellent packaging. Dropped a AAA battery in each and the light output was very nice. The 100 lumen mode was brighter than my 4/7s preon 2 100 lumen mode. I think the massdrop light has a newer gebneration chip, or perhaps it's just a different Kelvin light.
The only minor ding is it's size...... It's really small.....I mean really small. Almost too small for me, but that is personal preference speaking. Also, I wish there were a deep carry clip option. The clip it comes with leaves a lot of the light sticking out of the pocket. Perhaps that could be addressed in a future drop?
All in all it's a great light though, and you can never have too many great lights.
Aug 13, 2018
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