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Aug 19, 2018
I'm not a flashlight nerd but I can compare this to two other pretty common flashlights-- the Massdrop Brass AAA flashlight and the Thrunite Ti3. If you have any of the Massdrop brass flashlights or (I'm assuming) the titanium ones...this is no different. All the specs are exactly the same, save the weight. From what may be some production differences, the electronic switch on my aluminum one is slightly recessed, where the switch on the brass flashlight protrudes slightly. Both have firm, even clicks. Pretty nice to use. As an aside, I'd love if this thing had an electronic lockout to prevent "accidental on" presses inside your pocket. Due to the firmness of the switch, this hasn't been a huge issue for me at all. The weight of it is anecdotally the same as the Ti3 even though it is slightly longer. I think on paper there is a few grams of difference, but in my pocket and hand, it feels no different. I carry this in a shoulder pocket in my work-clothes and it (as well as the Ti3) is unnoticeable in the pocket. For what it is-- a tube of chapstick sized flashlight-- it is plenty bright. It nicely bridges the gap between what your cellphone can do and what a AA and larger flashlight can do. I find perfect for daily use at work and taking my dogs out at night. I would definitely buy this again if I didn't now have three AAA flashlights.
Aug 19, 2018
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