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Sep 10, 2018
I never thought I'd get so geeked out over something like a tiny flashlight, but I love this little thing. I keep it in my backpack (I commute by walking & train), so it's helpful in the fall & winter when I'm walking home in the dark. It's also especially useful at work -- I'm in IT and I'm on my feet a lot; including lots of crouching in tight, dark places -- and I just keep this clipped through one of my belt loops all day so it's out of the way but ready if I need it. The body is beautifully solid, the color is gorgeous; (although I should mention my favorite color is blue and I'm a sucker for visually pleasing things anyway); but really it's a great investment. Also, some people might it annoying to use the "triple-click" function (to cycle thru low-med-high beams), but the button is solid enough that clicking it fast is not an issue. You click it once, see if it's bright enough; if not click twice more; and if you still need the highest setting (VERY bright), just click twice more. If you only click it once and use the low-beam for a moment before turning it off, when you use it again later, it will again start w/ low beam. I'm not sure exactly how this works -- maybe a tiny timer inside? resets after 1 min? dunno -- but either way, the whole triple-click thing has never been a problem for me. Overall, if you think you have a use-case where you could really stand to have a reliable, everyday-carry kind of flashlight -- rather than relying on your phone's light -- I do say it's worth investing 35 bucks for this tiny-but-mighty, well-made tool.
--- Minor edit note: I went w/ the CREE and it does not disappoint.
Sep 10, 2018
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