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Aug 21, 2018
I had a specific reason for getting this little flashlight. It isn't for carrying around in my pocket. I had to get a smaller stainless Lumintop Worm since for that there is substantial competition for space inside my pants and something had to give... This light goes on my reclaimed dark brown custom made wood nightstand beside my over-sized wood headboard that surrounds my king size Tempur-Pedic bed.
My nighttime experience is that my wife gets two-thirds of the bed space, our toy poodle gets a foot wide space (even though he only uses 9 inches of the length of the mattress as he lays crosswise near the bottom) and I get a good 18-20 inches wide area at the edge of the mattress to sleep on - although I am allowed to curl in at the top... My 140 pound black Newfoundland almost completely fills in the 3 foot wide space between the side of the bed and the wall, that extends from the front of the nightstand to the end of the bed. Literally fills in the entire space except for the little spaces between her legs (the floor being dark brown wood to blend in with her solid black body).
So, when I wake up in the middle of the night in a blind stupor it becomes quite a challenge to eject myself from the bed successfully. I need to mention that if I am getting up to change the temperature, then I don't have far to go, but if I am getting up to go to the bathroom then I have quite a trek since I am not allowed to use my wife's bathroom in the bedroom - I have to go to the front of the house in the dark through the kitchen and various other areas to get to "my bathroom". The one other challenge is that the poodle sleeps the entire night with one eye open so the second I make any move towards getting out of bed, he is instantly leaping around the bed to play(attack) as I try to extricate myself from the bed and find the floor (with my feet first) without stepping on the Newf...
I have to experience this circus routine every single night and carry out my duties WITHOUT WAKING UP MY WIFE! She literally has no idea what I go through as she slumbers peacefully right next to these acrobatics... This is why my very first movement has got to be for the light so I can get my bearings and have any chance of getting out of bed successfully.
That explains why I need a light... but why this light??? The first thing is that the light is always displayed on this massive furniture and it has to look good and like it belongs there. This copper light is impressive. The design is outstanding, it is beautiful to look at and it goes with the furniture. Second, it has a good hefty feel to it and as I am fumbling around for it at night I don't need something flimsy or delicate to try and grab. It has a great touch when you turn it on - very compact and definite. It is a great beam to enable me to see everything I need to and be able to distinguish what is what (dog vs. floor) and get through the obstacle course that covers my path as I maneuver to my destination.
Maybe other lights would work "as well" but, really, facing my consequences do I really want to take that chance when I have something working perfectly for everything I need???!!!
So, yeah, 5 giant stars for this device that separates me from doom every single night!
Aug 21, 2018
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